The SAS Super IAQ is a microbiological air sampler especially suited for the Indoor Air Quality. It is based on the same working “impact” principle of the portable “Surface Air System “samplers, to perform microbiological evaluation of the air using “contact plates” or “Petri” dishes.

Unscrew the drilled head and place a contact plate or a Petri dishes filled with medium ( "Agar Contact Blister" ) into the housing. The environmental air is aspirated over the agar surface of the plate and airborne particles are captured on the agar by impaction. The quantity of air depends on the microbiological quality of the environment to be tested. At the end of the preset sampling cycle remove the plate and incubate it according to specific conditions (temperature/time). The number of CFU (colony forming unit) will provide the related microbial contamination.


The SAS Super IAQ air sampler suits the following fields of application:

FOOD AND FEED INDUSTRY: The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the food hygiene rules call for the microbial monitoring of products and of the air and surfaces in the manufacturing environments to prevent food spoilage from pathogenic bacteria.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY: to help improve operating and working areas through consistent monitoring, to study in detail Sick Building Syndrome and to inspect the heating and air conditioning appliances (Hivac) both in public and industrial premises. A good example is the detection of Legionella.

OUTDOOR CONTROLS: the SAS Super IAQ is especially suited for outdoor sampling as well as at sewage treatment plants.

PUBLIC HEALTH: to increase the standard of microbiological quality of both working and community areas by routine controls and by identifying contamination hot spots.

HACCP: the airborne pollution might affect some perishable products, as well as food, at their different manufacturing stages. The SAS Super IAQ allows the monitoring of the “critical” points to prevent spoilage and contamination.

DISINFECTION EFFICIENCY CONTROL: The SAS Super IAQ can be used to check the efficiency of the environmental disinfection, sampling the air after and before any treatments.