Screening of Urogenital InfectionScreening of Urogenital Infection

Screening of Urogenital Infection

MEDSON Products for Dip–Slide including:

▌Dip–Slide for the screening of urinary infection

▌Dip–Slide for the screening of urogenital infection

▌Dip–Slide for the screening of dermatological infection

▌Flexible contact slide for bacteriological screening of surfaces

Screening of Urogenital Infection

ISO13485 Standard

CE Certification

Complete Product

Screening of Urogenital Infection

Department of Microbiology, Hospital Laboratory

Various Clinical Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Enterprise Laboratory

Research Institution Laboratory

Food, animal Husbandry, Veterinary and other Testing Laboratories

Product Packaging Ref.
Vagitest (Chocolate / Rogosa / Thayer Martin) 10 slides 50020
Vagitest (Chocolate / Rogosa / Thayer Martin) 120 slides 51020