Easy Dry MediaEasy Dry Media

Easy Dry Media

MEDSON Products for Ready to use culture media including:

▌Chromogenic culture media

▌Ready culture media in 55 mm contact plate

▌Ready culture media in 60 mm petri dishes

▌Easy Dry media for water testing

▌Ready Bags

▌Ready culture media in petri dishes, tubes and bottles

▌Haemoculture bottles


▌Ready culture media in petri dishes with two sectors

▌Ready culture media in petri dishes with three sectors

▌Media for susceptibility testing of mycobacteria

Easy Dry Media

ISO 13485, CE Certified

Wide range of products

Follow ISO, EP, UP and other standards

Easy Dry Media

Microbiology lab of hospital

Labs of clinical departments of hospital

Labs of pharmaceutical industry

Labs of R&D Institution

Labs of Food, animal husbandry and veterinary industry

Product Packaging Ref.
Easy Dry Chromatic Coliform ISO 100 pads 87500
Easy Dry Tryptic Soy 100 pads 87512
Easy Dry Yeast Extract 100 pads 87513
Easy Dry MacConkey 100 pads 87514
Easy Dry Chromatic Salmonella 100 pads 87515
Easy Dry C-EC MF 100 pads 87516
Easy Dry Tergitol 100 pads 87517
Easy Dry Tergitol + TTC 100 pads 87518
Easy Dry Chromatic Coli Coliform 100 pads 87519
Easy Dry M-Green Yeast & Mould 100 pads 87511
Easy Dry Sabouraud Dextrose 100 pads 87510
Easy Dry Streptococcal KF + TTC 100 pads 87509
Easy Dry Plate Count + TTC 100 pads 87501
Easy Dry Violet Red Bile Glucose 100 pads 87502
Easy Dry TBX 100 pads 87503
Easy Dry m-Endo LES 100 pads 87504
Easy Dry Pseudomonas CN 100 pads 87505
Easy Dry m-Faecal Coliform 100 pads 87506
Easy Dry Slanetz Bartley 100 pads 87507
Easy Dry Bile Aesculin Azide 100 pads 87508
Easy Dry Orange Serum 100 pads 87520